Geological tour “Contrasts of Madygen Geopark”

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If you want to see these amazing stone forms and landscapes, you need to go to the south-west of Kyrgyzstan to the Batken region. Here you will see fantastic multicolored geological landscapes, which are objects of International Importance. These mountains are created for the aesthetic enjoyment of nature. There is no ideal angle for photography, as for example, for many outstanding natural monuments. These landscapes are photogenic from every angle. Photo hunting in these geolocations is incredibly exciting. Here you can create a variety of photo masterpieces from different angles, at different times of the day and in different seasons of the year. Geopark Madygen is a universal geological and paleontological laboratory created by nature for visual knowledge of the geological history of the Earth. If you are a geologist or an ordinary tourist, you will not remain indifferent to this fascinating journey into the geological past of the Earth. These locations are perfect for drone photography.

Local identity and ancestral ethnography have been preserved on the territory of the geopark. You will visit a home workshop where the famous Batken carpets are traditionally woven. Carpets and other wool and felt products are handmade by local women. You will also get acquainted with the masters who make komuz from apricot wood, as well as a master class on baking bread in the tandoor.

4 Days
May - October
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Day 1. Arrival in Osh.

Meeting at the airport. Hotel accommodation.

After rest, excursion to the cult mountain Suleiman-Too – a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Visiting of museum. Dinner at ethno restaurant.

Day 2. Transfer Osh – Batken

On the way visit Ak-Turpak cave. The cave was formed in gypsum rocks of Cretaceous age (more than 70 million years ago). The locals use the cave as a speleo-hospital. From the entrance of the cave there is a magnificent view of the Sokh valley. In Batken, visiting the historical museum. 10 km from Batken, visiting the unique natural gallery of petroglyphs. A local historian will tell about the age and origin of petroglyphs. Hotel accommodation.

Day 3. Ethno village Gaz – Sokh canyon

The colorful “Gaz” village is located 40 km from Batken. The path lies through the mountainous terrain. If you visit these places in the spring, you will see green flowering mountains, and if in the fall, these mountains will be repainted in yellow hues. We will take a walk through a very colorful village, which is located among the gray-green limestone mountain ranges. Narrow streets, clay fences, kitchen gardens and tall poplars along the road create a special atmosphere. In this beautiful place, friendly people live, distinguished by hospitality, they will definitely invite you to their house.

In the village we will get acquainted with the stratigraphic section “Gaz” – Geological Heritage of International Importance, the so-called “Golden spike”. According to international criteria, it represents the Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Points (GSSPs) between the Bashkir and Moscow stages. The Bashkirian and Moscow stages are geological layers that, without stratigraphic breaks, describe a consistent geological history and evolution of ancient life. Today, scientists find traces of this life in geological layers united in tiers. More than 10-12 million years of the Earth’s geological history have been preserved in the Gaz section. The age of the stratigraphic boundary between the Bashkirian and Moscow stages is 315.2 million years ago.

After a picnic, we will make a track through the grandiose Sokh canyon. As if hanging in the air, small villages are located on small terraces. In the rocks on the right side of the canyon, at a dizzying height, the ancient ancestors laid ovrings. Ovringi is one of the most ancient and amazing inventions of mankind. This is a narrow mountain path, made by hand on steep cliffs. Usually ovrings are made where a normal path cannot be laid along the river. In ancient times, these ovrings were the only means of communication between mountain settlements. During the tour, you need to be careful, as the ovrings are located at a high altitude above the stormy river. Return to Batken. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 4. Excursion to the canyons of Jangakta

After breakfast drive to the canyons of the “Jangakty” valley. These canyons resemble “Stone Castles”, they are located 100 km west of Batken. Canyons formed in conglomerates over several thousand years. The process of formation of canyons and landscape is still ongoing. In the spring there are very active mudflow processes, which form the morphology of the canyons. The monumentality of these canyons speaks of the power of geological processes that continue to this day. You will visit the canyon “Sary-Kungei” and the canyon “Waterfall”. Lunch in the canyon “Sary-Kungey”. Then return to Batken and Osh. Overnight at the hotel. Dinner at ethno restaurant.

Day 5. Osh – Airport

Transfer Osh – Airport

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