Welcome to the IGCP 727 project!

The idea of ​​a project to create a geopark in the Southern Tien Shan in the west of Kyrgyzstan did not come about by chance. Motivated by the desire to preserve unique landscapes of rare beauty and geological objects of world significance. Indeed, the importance of the natural heritage of the Batken region can hardly be overestimated. The development of ecological geotourism is the only reasonable way to preserve as yet untouched natural landscapes. Therefore, the creation of a geopark in the Batken region is a new concept to encourage local communities to participate in the development of tourism under the auspices of UNESCO.

The project became a reality thanks to the efforts of a team of activists from the Tian-Shan Geological Society, GeoExplorersClub, Destination Osh and Geopark Travel with the support of UNESCO.

We are now striving to achieve high acclaim and the status of a UNESCO Global Geopark.

IGCP 727 Geological heritage – sustainable management of geological hazards and water resources in transboundary region of Kyrgyzstan (2020-2021)

The goal of the project is to establish international cooperation in the study of natural resources and natural hazards to create a transboundary geopark in the southwestern Tian-Shan – an area with an outstanding geological heritage. Cooperation will contribute to scientific knowledge, geotourism and the consolidation of peace.

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